Latest achievements

Latest achievements

Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa has collected a store of knowledge during more than 60 years of activity, in service of its customers who want to realize their own building.

From the very first stages of the work, indeed, Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa gives a cooperation between project managers and buyers, in order to obtain the fulfillment of costumers’ requirements.

Since the beginning of a building’s construction, indeed, Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa provides its technical department to create an effective collaboration in the research of planning and executive options, to obtain the maximum quality to the lowest cost.

Therefore, during the achievement stage, Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa takes on management and execution of works trying to satisfy at the most the economical requirements and delivery speed of works.


One of the main aims of Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa is to build houses that correspond to costumers’ needs: they have to be livable, practical, aesthetically beautiful and realized with quality building materials.

The firm provides the great experience accumulated during more than 60 years of activity, to make it possible, combining with a continuous cooperation with designers and purchasers in order to satisfy at best their demands.

Social Building

When schools, hospitals and rehabilitative facilities are built, the main aim is to obtain practical and livable buildings respecting regulations and the context in which they are built. Another important aspect is to respect the constructive quality and the required delivery time.

Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa knows these aspects and is has managed during the years to achieve great results even in this sector, managing to cooperate, if the interventions were realized in existing buildings with persons who have to coexist with “men at work” as employees, doctors in hospitals and students at school.

Industrial Building – Executive

Construction of complexes that will accommodate firm, shops or offices must have the power to enhance the image of activities. Moreover they have to be functional and modular in order to be practical and follow every changes that can be necessary to execute their job at best.

Modernity and creativity are something that cannot miss to make a building that has to be built unique and appealing.

This is possible thanks to the continuous availability of Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa in meeting the needs of their buyers that know what they need in order to manage the workplace functional. Safety and security regulations are strictly respected.

Tourist – Hotel Building

The experience developed, above all during the last years in this sector , allows Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa to manage to cooperate with their costumers to realize a high qualitative level projects, modern, practical and inviting able to compete with first class structures present in the market.

It is a sector that is widening, and the firm after the realization of many hotels, residences and campings in the zone of Verona and Garda lake, is spreading its range towards new territories.

Quickness, reduction of delivery time and achievement of demands are the main targets of Fedrigoli Costruzioni spa in order to make buyers gain, as soon as possible, their investments.