History and tradition of Fedrigoli S.p.a , are two of the main aspects that make it one of the most well-established firm of Verona.

In 1905 Lorenzo Fedrigoli started with a small building firm, developed during the postwar, from 1945 under the direction of Mario Fedrigoli, who was involved in the reconstruction of public and private building bombed out in Verona.

Since 1981 the society has been leaded by engineer Guglielmo Fedrigoli, who, during the years of economic development, characterized by challenges, widened even more his activity, creating an Inc.

Lastly, since 2004 the society reached the current corporate situation, Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.a. , leaded by the last generation of the family, Marco and Mario. This way has made possible the development of a firm with great contacts and qualities given by the experience acquired during the years, competences and patrimonial solidity that distinguish it and by prestigious collaboration in particular with the architect Aldo Rossi who realized one of the most important residential estate in the territory of Verona.

Fedrigoli Costruzioni S.p.a. today boasts a high diversification of executions, from commercial building to housing, from touristic and hotel division, up to construction of sport and rehabilitative facilities: all the challenges are taken up to be won.


The experience has been handed down from generation to generation and, during the years, deep synergies have been developed among engineers, architects and building surveyor, in order to cooperate to complete development of all the projects.

Together they involve themselves to combine their own ideas and competences to achieve the fixed target and satisfy totally costumer’s needs.
The firm is principally divided in two areas: the technical one, made up of industrial designers, personnel of engineering department and responsible for the building site, and the administrative one.

The direction controls every stage of achievement of a building, paying attention to building site management where cutting edge equipment and crafts are used. For every member of the team the basic aspect is to give a perfect service. Sales are managed mainly by the society too, and it allows to better deal with buyer’s needs, contributing choices.

The society continually pursues a every growing improvement in order to render the firm even more robust and cooperative achieving the satisfaction of its costumers, its main target, and trying to develop the quickness of delivery of its works.


The main target of Fedrigoli Costruzioni Spa is to reach a high qualitative level in constructions, reducing the delivery time and trying to completely satisfy its costumers’ needs.

Continue to improve not laying down ever, in order to follow the requirement of a market that changes rapidly.